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What is glucosamine sulphate?

Many people have heard of the supplement Glucosamine sulphate in helping ‘wear and tear’ arthritis but what is it and how does it work?

Glucosamine sulphate is a naturally occurring substance found in joint cartilage. Supplements of glucosamine sulphate are obtained from the exoskeletons of marine animals and they can help to maintain and rebuild cartilage.

The joints in our bodies undergo a great deal of wear and tear through our daily movements. Because they are under a great deal of stress, our joints require new cartilage to help cushion this constant movement. If cartilage is not renewed, there will be no cushioning between the joints and the bones will start to grind against each other, which can be very painful and will restrict movement ultimately leading to osteoarthritis.

What about Pain Killers?

As the name suggests that is exactly what they do, they kill the pain. However, they do not treat the cause of the pain, they only treat the symptoms. As soon as the pain killers are discontinued the pain will return.

In January 1995 the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine carried out a review on the use of glucosamine sulphate compared with non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs in the treatment of arthritic conditions. The author stated that “numerous double blind studies have shown glucosamine sulphate to yield as good or even better results compared with traditional non-steroidals in relieving pain and inflammation of osteoarthritis by getting to the root of the problem. Glucosamine sulphate not only improves the symptoms including pain, it helps the body to repair damaged joints”.

Clinical studies have also shown glucosamine sulphate to be far better tolerated than pain killers which are notorious for their side effects. There is evidence to suggest that anti-inflammatory drugs can eventually inhibit the production of substances which actually help renew joint linings and synovial fluid (a fluid which helps lubricate the joint). This could be why people need to take higher doses of these drugs the longer they take them.

How Can Glucosamine Sulphate Help?

Glucosamine sulphate – which is easily absorbed – does not have the side effects associated with anti-inflammatory pain killer drugs. Cartilage and the synovial fluid can be rebuilt, keeping the joint strong and well lubricated.

Glucosamine sulphate contains sulphur which is an essential nutrient for joints. Research has shown that sufferers of arthritis are commonly deficient in this important nutrient. Restoring levels could well bring about substantial benefit. Sulphur has been shown to help prevent cartilage destruction by inhibiting the enzymes which cause it.

When Will I See Results?

Unlike drug treatments which only treat the symptoms and not the causes, glucosamine sulphate may take a little longer to show results. Usually 2 to 4 weeks when taking 500mg capsules 2 times a day. However, due to its cumulative effects, the longer it is used the greater the benefits become.

How Can I Get Glucosamine Sulphate?

Because glucosamine sulphate is a natural substance, it does not require a prescription from a G.P. However, you need to ensure you are taking the best quality, highly concentrated form. There are many companies making glucosamine sulphate of very different strengths and qualities. You will find the best quality and most effective forms are a little more expensive but work out extremely cost effective in the long term.

Sneyd Park Osteopaths recommend NUTRI products as they are high quality, effective and are independently tested.

If you would like to purchase Glucosamine sulphate, contact on 0800 212742 and quote code: 197189

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