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Initial Consultation and Treatment


Follow-up treatments


Children under 1 year- Treatment


Private Health Care Insurance Treatment


Private MRI scan


Sleeprrr Orthopaedic Pillow



Therapeutic and Sports massage (0.5 hours)


Therapeutic and Sports massage (45 minutes )


Therapeutic and Sports massage (1 hour)


Therapeutic and Sports massage (90 minutes)


Aromatherapy (0.5 hours)


Aromatherapy (1 hour)


Chiropody / Foot Health

Basic / Initial Treatment


Follow up treatment


Verrucae treatment

from £35

Concessions (OAP)


Biomechanical assessment


Prices of Orthotic is dependent on patients requirements


Please ring the clinic for prices

Shiatsu - Alex Turner

Initial and any follow up treatment - 1 hour



Call Sneyd Park for pricing

Skin Camouflage

Initial Consultation session) (1 hour)


Prices do not include cost of products


30 Minutes Free Initial Consultation


1 hour session


Quit Smoking therapy (2 hour session)



Call Wells Road or Queen Charlotte Street for details


Call Wells Road or Queen Charlotte Street for details

Please be advised we accept cheques, cash or debit cards.

All our Osteopaths are registered with the General Osteopathic Council and are covered by all the major Health Insurance Providers. Your spouse, partner or children may also be covered under your health insurance — check your policy for details. Please note that the patient will be liable for their treatment fee if their insurance company wont cover the fee.

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