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Osteopathy can support the body through the changes that occur both during pregnancy and after childbirth.


Generalised aches and pains are common during pregnancy. One reason for this is that hormonal changes cause the joints to become increasingly mobile. This can result in joint pain, particularly back pain. The problem is often made worse by the extra weight you are carrying, as this puts additional strain on your joints.

Prenatal osteopathy can support your body through these changes. It’s a very gentle form of treatment that focuses on maintaining the equilibrium of your body.


The birth, and the period after the birth, can also have a significant impact on your body. The pelvis may move to allow the passage of the baby, and your spine may become compressed. Afterwards there may be little time to recover, and your posture can be affected by breast-feeding, lifting and carrying your baby.

Postnatal osteopathy aims to restore your body’s normal function. We can also recommend exercises that will help to strengthen your muscles and joints, boosting the healing process and getting you back to health.

To find out more about pre and postnatal osteopathy, contact us and one of our osteopaths will be happy to talk to you.

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