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Osteopathy on the NHS

Due to new government guidelines patients could be getting osteopathy on the NHS.

NICE (National Institute for Clinical evidence) has recommended that osteopathy in combination with acupuncture and exercise is the best way to tackle low back pain.

After a long wait, this is the first time an alternative therapy has been recommended over main stream medical treatments to tackle this epidemic problem.

The guidelines stated that x rays, electrotherapy ( ultrasound, TENS and interferential) and steroid injection were out of favour and the use of spinal manipulation in conjunction with acupuncture and an exercise program were the quickest way back to health.

From the research they found that 9 manual treatments over 12 weeks were the optimum to get maximum benefit.

Liaison with your local GP can also be extremely useful for the prescription of painkillers. NSAIDS (Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) like brufen or diclofenac may be useful or if the pain is severe an opioid base drug.

At Bristol Osteopaths we combine all these modes of treatment to get you out of pain and back to the activities you enjoy in the fastest time possible.

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