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Eleanor Dove M.Ost

Eleanor graduated from Swansea University with a 1st class Master’s degree in Osteopathy.  Whilst at university, she completed a dissertation about the personal experiences of Fibromyalgia sufferers, in order to create an understanding of the development and management of this Chronic Pain condition.  This project emphasised the importance of patient-centred, individualised, and empathetic care for those experiencing pain.

Since graduating, Eleanor has worked in a range of Osteopathy and multidisciplinary clinics across Somerset and Dorset.  Her recent move to Bristol has brought her to the Wells Road Clinic, where she is excited to continue her work as a structural osteopath.

Eleanor takes part in yoga and pilates classes as often as she can.  The benefits of such exercises can be applied to many patient circumstances, which Eleanor often utilises as part of her treatment.  Her sessions put emphasis on education of injury and pain, and the importance of exercising our bodies.

Eleanor works at the Wells Road Clinic

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