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What training do osteopaths get?

Today’s osteopaths have extensive training. They undertake an intense four to five year full time degree course with specific emphasis on anatomy, physiology, pathology, neurology, x-rays, spinal adjusting and soft tissues techniques, all under the guide of qualified osteopaths. This demanding curriculum prepares osteopaths to locate the disorders in the body and spinal misalignments.

To graduate with an Honours degree, each student must pass a demanding examination. Then they must apply to a governmental or professional licensing board before being granted the privilege to practice.

Due to the Osteopath Act 1993 it is now illegal for someone to call themselves an osteopath unless they have undergone training at an approved school, so there are now the same safeguards in place as there are for doctors and dentists.

Osteopathic education never ends, and many osteopaths complete post-graduate training in sports, equine or paediatric osteopathy.

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