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What can I expect when I visit an osteopath?

When you visit an osteopath for the first time a full medical history will be taken. You’ll also be asked questions about your lifestyle, such as what you do for work and what kind of activities you enjoy in your spare time. This can help your osteopath identify why your symptoms may have developed.

You will be then examined, which may involve you getting undressed to your underwear. Normally you’ll be asked to perform a simple series of movements while your osteopath watches and assesses your mobility. Your osteopath will then use their hands to further examine areas of strain and imbalance.

You may notice that your osteopath focuses on areas of your body that aren’t causing you pain. That’s because we look at the whole mechanical picture of your complaint, as the problem may actually stem from a different part of your body. For instance, if you come to us with knee pain, we may also examine your hip, back and foot.

Your osteopath will then explain their findings, suggesting how your symptoms may have come about. He/she will also explain how we can help and offer you some immediate advice. Providing there is time and it is appropriate, you will be provided with treatment during this first appointment.

Occasionally additional investigations may be needed, such as an x-ray, MRI scan or blood tests. This will allow a full diagnosis and suitable treatment plan to be developed for you.

The initial consultation will take around 30 minutes.

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