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Speech Therapy

Speech or voice therapy can help adults and children with a wide array of conditions and illnesses.

Voice therapy is a specialised area within speech and language therapy. The focus is on finding out why you may have a problem with your voice and working with you to improve it. It is about learning strategies to support your voice.

Voice therapy looks at all aspects of voice production, from your anatomy, lifestyle and general health to your emotional state.

Voice problems arise from a variety of issues. People generally tend to get away with some ‘bad habits’ for years, but then a further strain (such as a cold) affects the system and your voice goes hoarse, or disappears completely.

To find out more about speech therapy, please contact us or contact our practitioner directly.


Our speech therapists:


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Susannah Thompson

Susannah Thomson

  • Wells Road

Susannah Thomson is a fully qualified speech and language therapist. She graduated from Reading University in 1999 with a degree in Linguistics and Language Pathology (Speech and Language Therapy). She works with both adults and children.


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