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Hypnotherapy is an effective way of changing unwanted patterns of behaviour and negative thought processes.

During a hypnotherapy session, your hypnotherapist will use a number of techniques to help you reach a state of hypnosis. This is a natural state of relaxation and concentration, and allows for negative perceptions and beliefs held in the subconscious mind to be altered or amended, as these can be self-limiting and hold you back from positive changes and progress.

With hypnotherapy, you stay fully in control. You do not become unconscious or fall asleep and you are totally aware of everything around you. You can only accept suggestions that are in accord with your own values and you cannot be made to do anything against your will.


Neuro-linguistic programming

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) explores the relationship between what we think, our language and our patterns of behaviour. It works on the principle that once we’re aware of these things, we can turn negativity into positivity, and overcome any barriers to achieve our goals.

Simply by using structured language, NLP makes change easy. It turns anxiety into confidence, lack of direction into focus, and self-doubt into self-belief. NLP helps with a vast array of issues, including smoking, weight control, fear and phobias, sleep problems, relationships and communication, exam stress, bad habits, presentations, sport and much more.


To find out more about hypnotherapy and NLP, please contact us or get in touch with the practitioners directly.



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Lucy Munn, Cert Hyp CS

  • Queen Charlotte Street

 Hypnotherapist   Lucy specialises in hypnotherapy for anxiety, stress and phobias – however Lucy can treat a wide range of issues through hypnotherapy, from breaking bad habits to increasing confidence. Lucy’s approach is people focussed – getting to know the client, their needs and goals; and working on a plan together to make sure they … Continued


Lucy Fey

  • Wells Road

Lucy Fey is a master practitioner of NLP, a hypnotherapist and an integral eye movement therapy (IEMT) practitioner. By using a combination of these future-focused therapies, she works with you to create unique strategies that enable you to achieve your goal, whatever that may be.


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