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Zac Beard, BSc.( Hons )Ost

Needing a radical change from office life in London, Zac followed his passion for sport and exercise and retrained as a personal trainer. He discovered it wasn’t enough and desired to know more about the body and how it worked. This interest led him down a path to finding out about osteopathy and that’s how the story began.

Zac qualified as an osteopath from the British School of Osteopathy (now the UCO) in 2009, after which he journeyed to Cumbria where he worked for a large group practice before setting up Carlisle Osteopaths. The clinic gained a reputation for sports injury rehabilitation and he was lucky enough to treat high level ultra-distance runners, triathletes and cyclists. Since returning to the south he has followed his passion of treating patients with sports related injuries in both the ‘weekend-warrior’ as well as competitive athletes.

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