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Elise Unger, BSc (Hons) MAR

Elise Unger – Reflexologist BSc (Hons) MAR 


I have used complementary therapies for most of my adult life but became interested in reflexology after receiving a treatment post-operatively. I felt that reflexology helped my physical recovery but also encouraged my body into better sleeping patterns and reduced my stress levels.  This inspired me to study for my practitioner’s diploma a few years later. 

I qualified as a professional reflexologist in 2014 from the Bristol School of Holistic Therapies gaining a distinction in Holistic Reflexology and am a full member of the Association of Reflexologists. I have further developed my skills by gaining the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Pregnancy diploma (2015) which has allowed me to further my interest in treating clients with fertility issues and women during their maternity journey. In 2017 I became an Aromareflex practitioner which combines aromatherapy with reflexology. For some clients this gives extra stress relief, improved sleep and overall gains in wellbeing. 


Prior to treatment I carry out a medical and lifestyle consultation to rule out any conditions not suitable for reflexology. Only the shoes and socks need to be removed to receive treatment so it makes a great non-invasive form of therapy.  I treat people of all ages ranging from competitive sportsmen and women to individuals with long term physical and mental ailments. People have come to me suffering with conditions such as stress/anxiety, digestive disorders (for example IBS), insomnia, thyroid issues, repetitive strain injury (RSI) and chronic back pain. Alongside my clinic work, I work for the  Macmillan Wellbeing Centre at Southmead Hospital as a therapist treating cancer patients and carers. I also treat at a care home based in North Bristol for people suffering with dementia and have had very positive results with these clients, seeing improvements to their sleep, mood and helping lower their anxiety levels.

If you would like to book an appointment or for further information, please see below:  


Tel: 0796 4017923 




Clinic prices:  

£43 including initial consultation (please allow 1 hour and 15 mins for this) otherwise treatment last 45-55 minutes.  

£48 for Aromareflex treatment which lasts 60-70 mins and includes your own foot cream blend using essential oils plus roll-on blend and/or foot spritz. 

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