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The importance of gut health

You are not what you EAT but what you ABSORB The Importance of that Gut Feeling; Building health from the inside out The health of your digestive system is of vital importance to your overall health. The gut is where food is digested and nutrients are absorbed. If this process is not working optimally then … Continued

Osteopathy on the NHS

Due to new government guidelines patients could be getting osteopathy on the NHS. NICE (National Institute for Clinical evidence) has recommended that osteopathy in combination with acupuncture and exercise is the best way to tackle low back pain. After a long wait, this is the first time an alternative therapy has been recommended over main … Continued

Osteopathy during pregnancy

Osteopaths are regularly consulted for work or sports related back pain but more ladies are turning to osteopathic treatment to help them through their pregnancy. Back or pelvic pain during pregnancy is not normal, just very common. The name of the game in pregnancy is adaptation: adaptation to the increased weight, the altered gait and … Continued

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