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Nutritional Counselling and Allergy Therapy

Everything we do depends upon our correct nutritional input, so the aim of nutritional counselling is to improve the body’s efficiency by identifying problem areas and rebalancing the body primarily with the use of diet. Herbal or nutritional supplements may be recommended according to individual needs.

Allergy Therapy looks specifically at food and chemicals in relation to health and the development of disease and symptoms. By using the painless method of Clinical Kinesiology, it is possible to recognise which foods or chemicals could be causing symptoms. By removing these antagonists with full clinical support, an individual nutritional programme is developed and the client is guided towards self responsibility for a healthier lifestyle.

Victoria Kubiak APNT Dip ONC (Dist) is a qualified allergy therapist, nutritional counsellor, aromatherapist and baby massage instructor. Her nutritional therapy successfully works alongside conventional medicine and Victoria is happy to liaise with GPs, Consultants or the Osteopathic team to help the client gain their optimum wellbeing.