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Ergonomic - Osteopathy in the Workplace

Over 180 million work days are lost each year in Britain through occupational injuries such as back pain and repetitive strain injuries (RSI) at great cost to the economy. Injuries are not just disabling for individuals but extremely costly for employers, causing a £5 billion burden on industry.

Poor posture can contribute to daily aches and pain whether you sit at the PC incorrectly, lift heavy loads or drive for prolonged periods. Types of injuries due to work include disorders of muscles, ligaments, joints especially in the back, hands and arms. Osteopaths are skilled at discovering underlying causes of occupational injuries and can give advice on correct posture, work station set-up and preventative exercises.

While still widely over-looked by industry, many companies are utilising the skills of osteopaths within their health teams and many private health insurance schemes are covering the cost of osteopathic treatment for employees. Smaller companies are also benefiting from liaising with their local osteopath.

Contact us to discuss a visit to your work place to ergonomically assess and correctly set up your work stations, and offer individual advice to your employees. Involving an osteopath in staff care can lead to a fitter workforce and improved moral, increased productivity and less time off through ill health. It is proven to be cost effective.

Osteopathy in the Workplace


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