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Equine Osteopathy

Just as people suffer from stiffness, soreness, wear and tear, arthritic conditions and degeneration so do animals. Osteopathy is growing in popularity for animals and works on the same principles and theory as human osteopathy. Equine osteopathy is a relatively new profession and is proving highly effective and successful with show jumpers, dressage, eventers and race horses.

The majority of treatments performed are as a result of an owner noticing a problem with their horse. Equine osteopathy is used to treat such conditions as:

  • Reduced performance
  • Behaviour changes — bucking, rearing, kicking, bolting
  • Gait problems — short striding, cross-canter, tracking-up
  • Reluctance to trot/ canter on certain reins
  • Cold backing
  • Problems with head carriage, head tossing
  • Rehabilitation after injury

After an initial examination and observation of movement, the osteopath will look for asymmetry, unbalance and inflexibility that could be contributing to the problem. A wide variety of treatment techniques are used, often involving resistance work using the weight and strength of the horse to correct any dysfunctions.

At the end of treatment, advice will be given regarding the amount of rest or exercise required before the horse can perform again. It is important for both horse and rider that they feel confident to ride without fear of injury.

Corinne Brice is one of only a few equine osteopaths in the South West and is highly regarded in her speciality, spending as much time treating horses as humans.